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To provide consumers with access to delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products that can be enjoyed safely and responsibly. We are committed to collaborating with other industry leaders, researchers, regulators and policy makers to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.

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VCC Brands: California Quality and Consistency

Available in a wide variety of flavors, each with its own tasty characteristics. The individual bars are infused with 180mg of THC and are also segmented into equal pieces to allow for proper and consistent edible dosing. The standard Milk Chocolate is a true classic offering a delicate velvety flavor that can only be achieved through the knowledge of the chocolatier arts. For those who need a little bit of extra crunch the 4:20 bar is also available in Milk Chocolate + Toffee or a special Milk Chocolate Hempcrunch which contains just the right amount of hempseeds within its pieces. In addition to being extremely tasty, hempseeds are also packed with an abundance of healthy nutrients.

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