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To provide consumers with access to delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products that can be enjoyed safely and responsibly. We are committed to collaborating with other industry leaders, researchers, regulators and policy makers to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.

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CBD One Tincture

250mg CBD per Bottle

Research has shown CBD to be anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, analgesic and anti-anxiety. CBD One Tincture has such a small amount of THC in it that we market this product as “Non-Psychoactive.” Since it contains .5-2mg THC per dropper, we estimate less than 1 out of 60 people would notice any psychoactivity at all after ingesting one dropper. MCT base, which is liquid coconut oil that doesn’t solidify at cooler temps.




Each full dropper contains 16.5mg CBD, and up to 2mg THC in liquid coconut oil base


MCT Oil (Liquid Coconut Oil). CBD Rich Cannabis Oil.


Refer to our peel away label instructions as well as our dropper indicator for proper dosing.

Always start small until you know how a particular product affects you. After squeezing the dropper’s bulb, the dropper holds 16.5mg CBD, and up to 2mg THC. Start with no more than one dropper. It can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours to feel the effects of a cannabis edible, but tinctures are absorbed quicker, and typically take effect within 15-30 minutes. Hold and swish in mouth for a few moments before swallowing. Wait a full hour for the effects to manifest before having more.