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Cannabis Coffee, Vegan Weed Bonbons and Other Emerging Marijuana Edibles

In states where pot has been legalized, demand for pot edibles has exploded, leading to a stunning assortment of mints, gummy candies and savory snacks infused with THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. We asked Daniel Berman, a photographer in Seattle, to bring some into his studio for a closer look. Prices, which include tax, are based on a handful of dispensaries in Washington, where anyone older than 21 can purchase edibles.


Lemongrass Hard Candies

$48 for the tin; 5 milligrams of THC per piece

The high after eating pot – like these nuggets made by Zoots – is deceptively slow. The peak high hits within minutes of smoking a joint, but it may take between one and three hours to hit after ingesting edibles.



Cannabis Chai Tea

$19.50 per tea bag; 10 mg of THC

Washington state considers 10 milligrams of THC, the amount in this tea bag made by Evergreen Herbal, to be one serving.



Sativa Brownies

$27; a bag of five has 25 mg of THC

Each brownie bite made by Spot has 5 milligrams of THC from a Sativa marijuana plant. Impatient teenagers or adult novices risk eating too much, too fast, and suffering anxiety attacks if don’t they realize the high is deceptively slow.


Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods

$37 with tax; 6 cups, each with 10 mg of THC

These pods made by Fairwinds Manufacturing marry caffeine and pot in a 5-ounce beverage.


Chili Lime Flavored Almonds

$15; pack contains 10 mg of THC

In the past, marijuana buds were sold and the rest of the plant was discarded. But with an extraction machine, entrepreneurs can use the leftovers to infuse products like Winterlife Cannabis’ spiced almonds.


Mocha Chocolate Bite

$11; 10 mg of THC

This vegan-friendly chocolate made by Verdelux contains a serving of THC. Edibles have been a runaway success, so much so some are illegally trafficked across state lines.


Sparkling Cannabis Tonic

$21.21; 20 mg of THC per bottle

Mirth Provisions makes three Legal tonics, including pomegranate; each bottle contains two servings of THC.


Dark Chocolate Bar With Sea Salt

$19.50; each bar has 10 mg of THC

The aptly-named “4.20 bar” is made by Evergreen Herbal and contains a single serving of THC.


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