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10 Delicious Cannabis-Infused Juices For Your Drinking Pleasure

While most of us are still stuck in states without access to legal edibles or manufactured cannabis products, those who are lucky enough to have the THC world at their fingertips know there are so many things to taste and try. From the classic cannabis brownie to alcoholic beverages, to high-end cuisine, it seems like everything is being infused with cannabis, especially in states like Colorado, where recreational use is legal. One interesting infusion is juice and there are some pretty spectacular options available today. While this is still a new and emerging market, if given the chance, try one of these ten cannabis-infused juices you can buy.

1. More Freedom

The first-ever cold-pressed juice line has hit dispensary shelves in Washington, D.C. District Growers produce a variety of juices named “More.” More Freedom is a combination of golden pineapple and nutrient-rich wheatgrass. This powerful combo is packed full of vitamins and THC, making it the perfect pick-me-up.

2. More Bliss

More Bliss is an infused alternative to lemonade, that is made with organic lemons and sweet agave nectar. This twisted mixture also features a dash of red hot cayenne pepper, to enhance the sweetness and give the drink a little kick. Bliss offers a euphoric, relaxing high that lasts and lasts.

3. More Passion

If the plain, simple lemonade isn’t for you, give pomegranate lemonade a try. Made with the same organic lemons as Bliss, with the same added kick of cayenne, Passion offers a slightly sweeter option and leaves users enthusiastic, with increased energy and pain relief.

4. More Serenity

If you want to talk about a power-packed juice, this is it. Not only is the juice full of THC, this heart-healthy mix includes juices from kale, spinach, romaine, cucumbers, celery, cashews, dates and vanilla. Serenity is great for pain management and insomnia.

This juice, unlike the others, is suggested to be served cold or slightly warmed, to deliver a more euphoric high.

5. More Smiles

Like a vanilla milkshake on steroids, More Smiles is full of fresh vanilla, dates and cashews. This juice can be served alone or added to warm beverages. The sweet simple flavors mix well with tea or coffee and offer drinkers pain reduction and feelings of light euphoria. Smiles, while still pretty potent, is slightly less intense than the other More options.

6. Cannapunch Watermelon Nectar

Since 2009. Cannapunch has been producing THC-infused juices in Colorado. They’ve become known for their potency and delectable flavor. Watermelon Nectar contains 100 MG of hybrid cannabis concentrates, delivered in an easy-to-drink bottle.

7. Cannapunch Pineapple Mango Delight

If tropical tastes appease you, give Pineapple Mango Delight a try. This summer drink contains the same 100 MG of THC as the Watermelon Nectar variety and delivers a satisfying, thirst-quenching punch. While many users might anticipate a cannabis aftertaste, Cannapunch has truly perfected this juice, leaving no earthy-tones behind.

Another great thing about Cannapunch is they provide a dosing cup, incase users want to limit their THC intake. This tiny detail really shows the care this company has for its products and consumers, alleviating the fear of overdosing, a common occurrence with edibles.

8. Cannabis Quencher Cherry

Cannabis Quencher comes in a variety of flavors, based on the THC and CBD content, but this Cherry is by far one of the most popular. With 100 MG of THC in every bottle, Cherry offers a no-sugar-added option for users who are trying to cut back on the sweet stuff.

This drink is also vegan and gluten free, making it the perfect edible option for health conscious consumers.

9. Cannabis Quencher Pomegranate Blueberry Acai

This Cannabis Quencher is the company’s most potent product, with 200 MG of THC in every bottle. Users are cautioned when purchasing this flavor – do not drink all the juice in one sitting. Rather, try a quarter of the bottle or less, then wait an hour or so to see the outcome.

If the desired effects are not reached, users can always drink more. With potencies this high, it’s important to start low and go slow.

10. Cannabis Quencher CBD Mango

For those juice lovers who are looking for a little less THC and a little more of the health benefits offer by CBD, look no further than Cannabis Quencher’s CBD Mango variety. This juice contains 40 MG of CBD and 40 MG of THC, delivering the perfect balance of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Read the full article by Dee Giznik at http://herb.co/2016/09/12/cannabis-infused-juices/


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